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Title: ~Sam and Dean Winchester’s Half-Little Sister~

Author: AmayaWinchester

Genre: Adventure

Published: 2023-09-27


Family: Rowena, (Mother) John Winchester, (Father) Dean Winchester, (Half-older brother), Sam Winchester, (half-older brother), and Crowley (Half-older brother) Age: 15 Name: Amaya Lynn Winchester Gender: Female Pronouns: she/her Boyfriend or girlfriend: None Creature: Half human, half witch Personality: Protective, loyal, smart, easily angered, strong, and tends to be reckless when hunting with Sam and Dean. Hunting status: In-Training Likes: Sam and Dean Winchester, Rowena, hunting, witchcraft, training when wanting to, writing, reading, typing, and love. Dislikes: Crowley, John Winchester, the angel Castiel, hunters who want to kill her, being told no, being threatened to do something, being forced to do something, being forced to train, being forced to read, physical touch unless she does it first, and being forced to write. Interests: Reading, writing, typing, drawing, learning new spells, annoying Sam Dean and Crowley, listening to rock music, dancing, and sleeping in. Friends with: Sam and Dean Winchester, Rowena, and Bobby Enemies with: John Winchester, Crowley, and The angel Castiel More active during: Nighttime Favorite time of day: Midnight and sunrise Theme song: who is she? By I monster First appears in the episode: ‘In My Time of Dying’ Last episode appearance: ‘Carry On’ Catchphrase: ‘Looks like a storm is coming, people.’ Powers: Mind control, spirit imprisonment, telepathy, telekinesis, emotion control, element control, witchcraft, and superhuman abilities.

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