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Title: MaximBady Dating Simulator


Genre: Horror

Published: 2017-03-21


You are home alone sitting on your sofa in the living room, the walls are colored a brown red color, the lights resemble the glow of a candle and the floor is made out of wood, to your left is the kitchen, the lights are turned off, it reminds you of a room in a torture movie you saw last night with your friends, all the glowing utensils doesn't help, you remember all the great times you had with your friends, how you were always the one to help, they had your back, and you had theirs, but those days are gone, instead you live by yourself, home alone as always, you barely speak to anyone anymore, you regret the day that you dropped out out of college, you say that it saved money and that you would be living on the streets if it wasn't for your desicion, working at make domneld doesn't seem like a great job to have, still better than selling coupons, your parents live across the states of america, you love your country, but you just hate the number of stars on the flag, it makes you mad and angry, the stars are white wich only adds to the anger To your right, is a window, you can see outside of the window, you see streetlights dotted all over your dark neighbourhood, you also see your television, though it is not working, to your lap is your phone, you can only watch online videos to satisfy your boredom

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