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Title: The Museum of Lost Sensations

Author: Monty

Genre: Memoir

Published: 2018-12-22


A wisp of winter sunlight, the tang of back-market orange juice, a familiar scent across the metro station - you're the curator of The Museum of Lost Sensations, and your job is to retrieve sensations lost across the city, and put them neatly into the museum. Armed with equipment like a calendar, a butterfly net, and tiny vials, you chase sensations. Its a Saturday, and you're at Moolchand Metro Station, at the beginning of an important assignment. You haven't used the Violet Line before, and you're going to be surprised at how much you frequent it. You step out and see the canopy of red gulmohar that overlooks the busy Moolchand crossing. Today's task: to collect the sensation of The First Date.

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