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Interactive Story Sales Terms and Conditions

You agree to the Interactive Story Publishing Terms and Conditions

Interactive Story will act as a facilitator for sales of your stories. Interactive Story does not take direct payment for the sales of your stories.

You must provide a valid PayPal account email address. All sales will be paid directly into your PayPal account. You will be responsible for refunds and customer inquiries.

The minimum selling price for a story is $1 (USD).

You will pay Interactive Story an eight percent (8%) commission on all sales of your stories.

Interactive Story will bill you at the end of each month, or carry over to the next month if the total sales is less than $100 (USD).

Non payment of commission will result in the suspension of all sales of all your stories in the Interactive Story Library.

You agree that Interactive Story can temporarily suspend sales of your stories at any time for web site maintenance.

If you choose to remove a story from the Interactive Story Library, we reserve the right to maintain a digital copy of the story for distribution to existing customers of the story.

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