Version 1.02 Release

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Interactive Story


Version 1.02 Release

1) Improved editing history synchronization between editor and reader (testing).  Full Undo/Redo is maintained between editing and testing. Redo history is maintained when selecting an action in the editor that is identical to the next redo action.

2) Improved Casual reading mode for item interactions. All trivial actions (those that do not alter inventory and go to the default scene/event) are removed from the action list once performed.  This prevents the choice list from becoming large and repetitive.

3) Introduced command state items.  This will be a flexible way to add additional play logic without updates to the GUI.

To create a command state item precede the item name with a double double colon (::).  The command is active when the item is placed into the inventory (hidden item by default).

New command state items are:

::implicit actions off

Disables all implicit actions

::explicit actions off

Disables all explicit actions

::story actions off

Disables story-wide actions (actions valid for all scenes)

::scene actions off

Disables scene-wide actions (actions valid for all events in a scene).

::event actions only

Only actions defined in the current event will be available to the reader.

::end story

Ends the story.

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