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Interactive Story


Command items are special items you can add to the readers inventory to control the logic of the story engine.

To create a command item precede the item name with a double double colon (::).  The command is active when the item is placed into the inventory (hidden item by default).

List of Command Items

::implicit actions off

Disables all implicit actions

::explicit actions off

Disables all explicit actions

::story actions off

Disables story-wide actions (actions valid for all scenes)

::scene actions off

Disables scene-wide actions (actions valid for all events in a scene).

::event actions only

Only actions defined in the current event will be available to the reader.

::end story

Will end the story.

::rewind story

will rewind the story back to the opening scene/event

::rewind scene: scene_name

will rewind the nominated scene back to the first event for that scene

::rewind scene: scene_name event: event_name

will reset all actions in the nominated event for the given scene.

::item responses off

::object responses off

Disables all responses grouped with items or objects.

::puzzle casual

::puzzle easy

::puzzle normal

Overrides readers puzzle difficulty setting.

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