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Welcome to the interactive fiction and text adventure portal. This is a place we hope you will discover not only the thrill of reading interactive literature, but also discover the joy of writing your very own adventure. Browse the library or jump right in and write your first story. Interactive story is designed to get you writing straight away, just follow the prompts and you will be celebrating this wonderful genre in next to no time!

At Interactive Story we encourage you to publish your stories and share them with the IS community. Basic membership is free. If you like what is happening here and would like to support Interactive Story, then you can become a premium member. Benifits include more cloud space for your stories and the opportunity to sell your stories in the Interactive Story Library.

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Hans Jerry Omega by Cford5Cs - a collaborative story

YAL by Aaron Balint

A Room for Birds by SiennaVandermark

Futility Unfold— Last One Standing Chapter 1 by ShawnFiction - a collaborative story

The Search for the Gryphon Egg by Cat-Creator

Zork Ported I DEMO by DongLong69

Spec - 0ps by MrMcSchloppadoodleYT

My Tail by TRonB

Prisoner BN-53(Work in Progress) by SomeStoryWriter

The Last Protector of The Fenji Reign by LexiconAsh

Latarnik, Opowieść Wigilijna i Dziady. by SZymonSzeliga

Suprise! WIP by WillowCat

Land across the water by MinorixXluv - a collaborative story


Me. by LitLissa

Diary or journal

Five Years by Redlips346 - a collaborative story

Fairy tale

Рыцарь-Эльф by wolf


The Magic of Adventure -- WIP by Nomenclation


MaximBady Dating Simulator by GRANDAD

Book Of Tears by Deigoicah

Zombie Lab Scientist by ZLabStudio

Vampire Bride by UrLastDay

Humour and satire

The Brass Lamp by Aaron Balint

Hubbub grub by Interactive Story

Punch guy 1 by Bhaha3157

IS Examples

The Great Epic by Interactive Story - a collaborative story

1 - Picking up an item by Interactive Story

5 - Picking up an item (implicit action) by Interactive Story

2 - Scene variant (item) by Interactive Story

6 - The Basement by Interactive Story

7 - The Bucket by Interactive Story

3 - Scene variant (action) by Interactive Story

4 - Opening a safe by Interactive Story

Dawn of Ages by trc777 - a collaborative story


You became a women. What will happen to your new life? by Death


The Museum of Lost Sensations by Monty


Short story by MinorixXluv

My Oath - demo by MinorixXluv


Enrich by Heathin - a collaborative story

Realistic fiction

A Day In A Life by Deigoicah